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The BarkOff

The BarkOff is a breakthrough bark control device that enables you to effectively train your pet to stop barking for unnecessary reasons. Unlike other popular devices which deter nuisance barking, the BarkOff is completely petsafe and does not incorporate pain into its bark control system. Rather, when your dog barks, the BarkOff will automatically emit an ultrasonic signal which captures your pets attention and immediately interrupts the bothersome behavior. If you are looking for a bark prevention device that is humane and has a proven track record then the BarkOff is your answer.

The Petsafe & Humane Bark Control Device
BarkOff Benefits

  • The BarkOff delivers effective anti-barking results without the use of inhumane training methods.
  • The BarkOff is completely portable and can easily accompany you and your pet on any outing.
  • The BarkOff is the perfect barking deterrent for pets in your house or noisy dogs in the neighbourhood.
  • The BarkOff ultrasonic signals are completely inaudible to human ears.
  • The BarkOff has a range of 20 feet
  • The BarkOff is ideal for indoor or outside applications.
  • The BarkOff is accompanied with a Money Back Guarantee
  • The BarkOff can be turned off whenever you please.

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Money Back Guarantee
Inside or Outdoor Use
Fits in Your Pocket
Turn Off When Needed
Inaudible to Humans
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